The Team

Maxx Lepselter

Growing up around the industry and later demonstrating his ability on a professional level gave Lepselter the platform to launch Maxx MGMT in 2018. With a mission to empower talent through a tailor-made and strategic approach to business management, Lepselter's dedication shows. In just its first year, Maxx has worked with world-class athletes and brands while continuing to prove a grip on the ever-evolving landscape of sports marketing and social media.


Ben Mendlen

A graduate of Michigan State University with a BS in Advertising Management, Ben Mendlen focuses on business development through extensive lead generation and thorough planning for our clients. Ben's production is evident, continuing to provide a multitude of value to Maxx MGMT by creating partnership activations that our clients love.

Head of Business Development

Kristen Marshall

Kristen is a 2011 graduate of Quinnipiac University with a Master of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting. With 7+ years experience in customer service, Kristen is able to utilize her skills as an Executive Assistant, meeting the need's of Maxx's clients. Her primary responsibilities include serving as a direct support to Maxx Lepselter, in addition to providing input to Maxx MGMT's policies and procedures.

Executive Assistant

Sean Salci

A Law school graduate with a Juris Doctorate degree. Sean focuses on a wide range of tasks including signing clients, business development with brands, making strategic alliances with companies, contracts & negotiations.


Matt Knox

A previous sports marketing agency owner and graduate of University of New Hampshire with a BS in Sports Studies, Matt Knox leverages over 4 years of experience in the industry to identify & sign new talent while creating unique marketing opportunities for our clients. Matt’s distinctive skill set and background plays an integral role in the development and growth of Maxx MGMT. 

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Marketing Manager