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MAXX MGMT: Your off-field powerhouse for athlete success.

Maxx MGMT is a full-service off-the-field agency that focuses on endorsements, marketing, lifestyle and business management for athletes, as well as entertainers.

Charged by a team of experts in marketing, content, and business, Maxx MGMT continues to disrupt the industry standard. By aligning clients with global brands, the #MaxxFam leverages tailored partnerships that lead to organic brand growth. 
The boutique agency empowers clients through diversified business opportunities from real estate to investing, strategic partnerships, equity deals and more. Now offering full service event management and public relations, Maxx MGMT is trusted by household names in sports and entertainment. 


Our Story

Founded by Maxx Lepselter in 2018,  Maxx MGMT has disrupted an industry typically dominated by large agencies. As a nod to Lepselter’s father and industry roots, the agency has maintained its boutique status while keeping up with the demands of international brand deals and individual client needs. With years of experience under his belt and a deep understanding of the nuances of the industry, Maxx recognized the need for a new kind of agency—one that prioritizes the individual needs and aspirations of its clients above all else. Thus, Maxx Management was born, with a mission to empower athletes and talent to reach their fullest potential while navigating the complexities of the Sports and Entertainment industry.

The internal staff has been vetted for their dedication to the same goals. The team strives to provide a personable approach while continuing to evolve, providing 27/7, 365 representation and management for clients. Drawing on the extensive network of contacts and a keen eye for emerging talent, Maxx MGMT is determined to serve as a beacon of integrity in an often cutthroat industry. 

Over the years, Maxx Management has earned a reputation for its unwavering dedication to its clients and its track record of success. Our roster boasts a diverse array of talent, spanning the realms of sports, television, music, and beyond, with each client benefiting from our proactive approach to representation. As we look to the future, Maxx Management remains committed to our founding principles of integrity, innovation, and excellence. Guided by Maxx Lepselter's vision and fueled by our passion for empowering talent, we are poised to continue our journey as a trusted partner for talent seeking to make their mark on the world stage.

Join us as we write the next chapter of our story together, where talent meets opportunity, and dreams become reality.


What We Offer


Since 2018, Maxx MGMT has exceeded client expectations for marketing and endorsement capabilities. Through strategic partnerships and brand alignment, we’re able to capitalize on client interests. Our existing brand partnerships lend credibility to expansive opportunities in which Maxx is best known for.


The influence of the media can make or break a reputation and we’re dedicated to making it positive. Here at Maxx, we embrace the media to reach the public through stories that flatter the client’s image. With a broad reach of global outlets within our network, we’re able to engineer conversations that illuminate client skillsets, philanthropic endeavors, and special projects.


Representing talent is at the core of what we do. Off the field, ice, or court, the Maxx team finds relevant brands for our athletes to forge meaningful relationships with. Beyond finding the most attractive marketing deals in the industry, we also offer our clients a variety of services related to travel, personal events, brand deals, and much more.


Maxx MGMT is a nucleus for everything from Super Bowl parties to individual passion projects, offering full service event management. We’re open to collaboration and welcome the opportunity to partner with other agencies to best accommodate client visions. From organizing premier guest lists to fabricating bespoke decor, we’re ready to quarterback first-of-a-kind experiences. The team is well versed in all necessary elements including but not limited to: event design, budgeting, fundraising, partnerships, website design and registration capabilities, pitch deck and print / digital promo materials, logistics coordination, vendor procurement, guest list and talent, and public relations efforts.


Maxx MGMT fosters conversations with athletes to develop their interests off of the field. From fashion shows, to philanthropic partnerships, up to international sales campaigns, we are confident in our ability to partner with brands that highlight each talent’s unique identity. On the brand side, we align like-minded talent to accommodate brand goals, ensuring smooth and effective partnership experiences to bolster their reputation and credibility. 

MEET OUR Clients

Maxx MGMT boasts a diverse client roster made up of active and retired athletes across major sports. Additionally, we work on behalf of content creators, media personalities, and broadcasters.

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what clients are saying

“Great gym! A new gym withmodern equipment & facilitiesmakes training so much easier.always willing to help youwith your training”

Helen JordanChicago

“Great gym! A new gym withmodern equipment & facilitiesmakes training so much easier.always willing to help youwith your training”

Helen JordanChicago

“Great gym! A new gym withmodern equipment & facilitiesmakes training so much easier.always willing to help youwith your training”

Helen JordanChicago