Charged by a team of experts in marketing, content and business, Maxx takes an active, but strategic approach to marketing. We not only align our clients with global brands, but we embrace a hands-on role in leveraging local opportunities, ultimately leading our clients to organic brand growth.  

Media + PR

We are committed to telling the stories of our clients. Maxx has proven, through relationships and trust with world-class media outlets, an ability to activate a platform for its clients to truly shape their image by presenting powerful media opportunities.  

Business MGMT

Maxx loves to empower its clients through assisting in an assortment of business opportunities from real estate to investing, strategic partnerships, equity deals and more.  



Maxx has a history of bringing the sports community together and for a good cause. We zero in on the local communities of our athletes and put together fan-engaging events for all ages. 



Maxx takes everything it does and ultimately contains the mission of building brands for our clients. Nothing is more important than leading our clients to generational wealth by helping them leave a legacy on and off the field.